Communication and Interaction Team

Who are we?



is our Communication and Interaction Team Leader. Chris has an overview of everything that happens within the Communication Team. She regularly holds sessions throughout the school for whole classes, smaller groups, or for individual students.  Some of these sessions include our Segway and Steps groups, PECS support, AAC support and Attention Autism.  As well as this Chris hosts ‘Signing Choir’ for the whole school on a Friday afternoon with our Music teacher Jenny. 

Alongside these responsibilities Chris is a member of the Senior Management Team as well as being the staff co-ordinator for both Computing and Communication.




is our specialist Music Teacher, who supports personal development, communication, behaviour and welfare with music. Jenny visits every class across the school and also takes some individual sessions for Music as Therapy.  Jenny provides further support in school with seasonal projects, as well as aiding our cluster community by being the star of our annual signing video for the Sing Up Concert joint song.


Janine & Mia  


are an integral part of our Communication Team. They work alongside class staff to support the communication and interaction needs of the students - this may be in the form of providing resources, giving advice or working with small groups/individual students.  They work closely with our Speech and Language Therapists, helping to implement strategies that have been recommended.  Some of the sessions that they lead include; Intensive Interaction, Sensory Circuits, PECS sessions, Lego Club and iPad Club.




is an independent Speech and Language Therapist who we employ one day a week. She is a qualified Singalong tutor and ELKLAN course leader and provides training for staff within the school.  These courses are also available for the wider community.   Emma has introduced many strategies to the school including; Attention Autism, Colourful Semantics, Pictoys, Lego Club, and Call & Response story telling.  Currently Emma leads Sensory Drama sessions for our senior students with sensory needs.




is our NHS Speech and Language Therapist who works within the school one day a week.  Lynsey works closely with the team, parents/carers and professionals to ensure that student’s speech, language and communication needs are being fully met.  Lynsey works throughout the school so that she can assess students, advise staff and implement strategies for individuals and groups of students. Not all students are on the NHS caseload, though queries can be passed on to Lynsey and if you require a referral this can be arranged through school or contacting the speech and language therapy service on 01493 809977 (Monday - Friday, 7am - 8pm)




is an independent creative arts teacher who is employed by the school on Thursday and Friday.  Debbie uses her skills as an artist in therapeutic one-to-one sessions, as well as to lead whole class groups.  Sessions are free flow within the parameters of the project and provide an opportunity for students to explore materials, create, communicate and be expressive.


For more information on what the team do and communication therapies used in school select the communication team tab in the Main Menu above, or download our Communication Team leaflet.

If you require any support from the Communication & Interaction Team please do not hesitate to contact the school and ask to speak with us, or alternativley contact us via e-mail at