Key Information 

The school aims to provide an attractive, welcoming and stimulating environment that can develop pupils through the effective and appropriate delivery of the National Curriculum.

The school seeks to develop in all a respect for the individual and an appreciation of quality. The school understands that every child has natural talents and abilities that can stand outside of their general underlying ability and seeks to support these. The staff see that the successful reintegration of pupils, when appropriate, is of the utmost importance. Staff endeavour to create, within classes, a well organised, conducive and ordered environment. 

 ”From the moment pupils arrive in the morning, they are greeted by welcoming staff and treated with great respect. This means that pupils flourish in the school and their personal, social and emotional development is outstanding”. Ofsted 2014 

The school aims to provide a happy and cheerful ethos that enables children to develop their confidence through success and praise.