Ofsted say:

“From the moment pupils arrive in the morning, they are greeted by welcoming staff and treated with great respect. This means that pupils flourish in the school and their personal, social and emotional development is outstanding”. 

“The behaviour and attitudes of the students are outstanding. They are exceptionally motivated, happy and self-confident. They gain great enjoyment from activities provided and apply themselves extremely well. They say they really enjoy the residential trips in the UK and in France and feel safe in school”. 

“Pupils who are supported by pupil premium funding make good progress and their achievement is similar to other pupils. This is because the funding is used well to meet their individual needs, for example by providing extra sessions with speech and language therapists and occupational therapists”. 

“Achievement is good because nearly all pupils make the expected amount of progress and a good proportion make better than this, particularly in communication, reading, writing, mathematics and ICT. There is no marked difference between the progress made by boys and girls, including those with severe learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorder, behavioural, social and emotional difficulties, and profound and multiple learning difficulties”.

“In the last three years, pupils’ attendance has improved considerably and is now above average. Nearly all absences are for medical reasons. Staff monitor pupils’ attendance carefully and follow up any absences promptly. They discuss pupils’ attendance rates in regular meetings with parents and explain how this affects their progress.”

“Pupils have exceptionally positive attitudes to learning and settle quickly to their work. They concentrate extremely productively and enjoy school so much that some say they would like to come to school in the holidays. This is because staff are very enthusiastic about their work with pupils.” Ofsted 2014

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